Privacy Policy

iNEST APP (the "Services") is an application developed by KingKey (the "Company") for the convenience of community residents. The following statement is the service's privacy policy.

To protect the privacy of your use of the Service, please read the Privacy Policy below (the "Terms"). Due to personal information provided by this service, the Company will be protected in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. However, due to the different privacy policies of websites and APPs, when conducting activities, the protection of the personal data will be governed by the privacy policies of the respective websites or APPs, and the Company will not be responsible for its actions. In addition, when users use this service, participate in APP activities or browse this service APP, the APP automatically receives records of the servers on the user's browser, including but not limited to IP location, cookies and user's record of clicks. In case of conflict, everything is based on Cambodian law. If the user agrees with the terms, you can use the service.

The Company will properly manage and use your personal data collected by this Service in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. The following contents will help you understand how we collect, process, use, protect personal data and the personal information we provide to you:

1. Personal Information Collection and Use

(1) Definition: Terms used in this privacy protection policy have the meanings specified in the following:

  • "User" means the user of this application and this service.
  • "Owner" means the user who commissioned the Company to carry out real estate management business under the asset management contract.
  • "Tenant" means the user who rents immovable property to the owner under a real estate lease contract.
  • "User's Information" means the information that the Company obtains from the user and other user-related information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

(2) User information collected:

  • Used to identify individuals such as names, addresses, indoor telephone numbers, mobile phones, communication and household registration addresses, e-mail addresses, records of providing online identity authentication or bidding services.
  • Other identifiable information such as: age, sex, date of birth, place of birth, nationality, etc.
  • For the purposes of the contract or contract, such as: any other uncategorized information about trading, business, legal or other contract, agency.
  • Letters can not be classified, files, reports or e-mail.

(3) Obtaining method:

  • All users register the user information specified in subparagraph (2) on their own when they first use this application.
  • The owner or tenant, after the first use of the application, logs in the information as the needs using the application.
  • When the company provides the application and the service, the application will automatically obtain the information specified in the preceding paragraph. In addition, we may use cookies when providing this service.

(4) The use of the period, area, object and method:

  • Period: Until the user requests to stop using or the company stop the service.
  • Area: The user profile will be used in Cambodia.
  • Purposes and methods: When you become a client of our company, our company obtains your basic information based on the service provided. In order to provide you with better and comprehensive service and better service quality, we will use your information only for the individual service, academic research, other consultation, consultancy services and the company’s marketing activities and related offers under your permission or law. For example: 1. As users bind to their accounts, they can query their personal information through the service. 2. In the process of advertisement or marketing, we will provide the user with various event information, emails, phone calls or newsletters through the Service Message Notification function. You can set off the notification if you wish to decline it though you may not be able to receive community post messages or enjoy the full feature service.

2. Expose the Object of Personal Data

We will never sell, exchange, rent or otherwise disguise your personal information with other groups or individuals. Only in the following cases, the company will share your personal information with a third party:

  • provide the tenant's user information to the owner of the rented real property;
  • Provide the user with the name, location, and other information about the property owned by the owner in the owner's user information.
  • Except for the above circumstance, the Company shall not provide the third party with the user information obtained from the user in this application and this service without the user's consent. Except in the following cases:
  • Provide third parties with anonymized user messages that do not identify a particular individual;
  • When provided according to law;
  • Necessary for the protection of human life, body or property, but can not get the consent of the person;
  • Especially needed to improve public health or promote the healthy growth of children, but can not get the consent of the person;
  • Need to assist state organs or local public organizations or accept their clients' affairs as prescribed by the Act, but with the consent of the person may be an obstacle to the implementation of the matter.

3. You can exercise the following rights on the personal data provided by you:

Inquiries or requests for review, request for supplement or correction, request to stop collecting, processing or use and request to delete. To exercise the above rights, you can contact us to apply.

4. User Rights

(1) You can confirm your personal information on the service at any time. If your personal information has changed, or found personal information is not correct, you can request the company to amend or correct.

(2) You can ask the company to delete, stop processing or use your personal information. We will retain, process and use your personal data only to the extent permitted by the law.

(3) You are free to choose whether to provide certain personal information to the Company, but you may not be able to use some of the functions of the Service if you do not provide the information or provide us with incomplete information.

5. Personal Data Security

We will take appropriate security precautions to prevent unauthorized access, alteration, remake, disclosure, or deletion of your personal data or your interactive information in the Services. Please note, however, that your personal information may still be subject to the above security breach.

6. Policy Revision

The Company reserves the right to amend this policy at any time,  and will put the revised content on this service - Privacy Policy for your reference. If you continue to use the service, you will be deemed to have agreed with the Company for this policy amendment. The Company reserves the right to change the service without notice at any time or stop providing the service (or any part thereof) temporarily or permanently without notice. The user may read the revised privacy right statement and its related matters. In case of conflict, everything is based on Cambodian law.